Look and feel great!


If you take in more calories than you burn, the extra will be stored in your body as fat, and you’ll get heavier. If you take in fewer calories than you burn, your body will burn stored fat to make up the difference, and you’ll lose weight.

But weight loss can be unhealthy—if your body goes into “fasting” mode (because you starve yourself), it can lead to more fat being stored because your body thinks there’s a famine going on. So you need to exercise to prevent your body over-reacting in this way—keeping the right amount of healthy fat-burning muscle tissue is vital to a weight loss and maintenance programme.

Many people have grown up with overweight or obesity problems, sometimes from childhood, and can’t face the idea of a gym or exercising in a public place—it can be a real problem. But with a dedicated trainer you don’t have to be on show—you can start your programme safely behind closed doors, and when you’re feeling more confident, who knows what might happen?

And there’s lots of good evidence that vigorous exercise stimulates parts of the brain that help to control appetite, so the whole thing can become a virtuous circle. We’ll help devise an exercise programme tailored for your requirements, and a nutrition programme to go alongside it. There’s no need for hair shirts, nettle tea or expensive detoxes—after all, we’ve promised that you’ll enjoy working with us! Especially when you start to see the results!