Look and feel great!

Personal Training

If you are looking to increase your fitness, but need motivating to improve the way you look and feel, then a Personal Trainer is exactly what you need.

Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain extra strength or simply improve your cardio levels, then call to let us help you get started.

Personal training sessions can be carried out at your home or at an outdoor location, where we can use a variety of fun and effective techniques to get you enthusiastic and committed to achieving your fitness goals.

For instance, sessions include the use of Kettlebells - for more information about kettlebells click here

Sessions also use equipment such as ViPR , Bosu ball and TRX. These are new and exciting fitness tools and are described further if you click on them.

We also use basic and familiar equipment such as medicine balls, expansion bands and occasionally, small weights.

Personal training can be on a 1 to 1 basis, but can also be effective in small groups. Look at our Special offers section to see how this can be very cost effective if you would rather work out with a couple of friends.