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Originally known as a Girya, the Kettlebell is basically a cannon ball with a flat bottom and a handle attached to it. It has become synonymous with strength training throughout history, and was first used in Russian military conditioning programmes.

Kettlebell training is considered an “old school” fitness tool that has great benefits for current fitness users. The style of training used with the Kettlebell teaches us how to use our bodies better. All of the moves are ground bases, and get the trainee to learn how to use his or her body to produce and control force. These are useful skills for anyone, whether just starting out or a conditioned athlete.

There are several reasons why Kettlebells have become a popular fitness tool: • When using Barbells or Dumbbells, the weight is centred in your hand. With a Kettlebell, the centre of gravity is six to eight inches below the centre of your hand. This offset makes the weight “alive” in your hand, which increases both the difficulty and the benefit of many of the drills. Kettlebells can do anything a Dumbbell can do, even better – but not vice versa.

Kettlebells have thick handles, and thick bar training is a proven way to increase your grip strength.

• A lot of the Kettlebell drills provide an intense load to the hips. Similar to doing vertical leaps, this type of hip extension transfers to many athletic skills, such as running, jumping and throwing.

• Using Kettlebells you have the ability to juggle, spin, pass hand to hand and even throw the Kettlebell – this fun factor and variety cannot be found in traditional training method.


Click below left hand picture videos on basic techniques and  for more complex routines.

Personal Training clients who are looking for something different in their routines will certainly enjoy the non-traditional nature of Kettlebell training. Most of the Kettlebell moves are very integrated, using a lot of muscles at once, training the body to move in 3D, like it is designed to do. Women who are afraid of bulking up from lifting weights will find training with Kettlebells a great way to increase strength and conditioning without fear of gaining size, because Kettlebell training emphasizes neuromuscular adaptations in getting stronger. To try out this fun, innovative and exciting way of toning your body, you can join one of the Kettlebell sessions that are run by the Lee Walker Fitness Academy.