Look and feel great!

Post natal

Get back into shape after having the baby

Once you have received the all clear from your GP at your 6 week check up, you can start exercising again, with a post natal qualified trainer. I will help you strengthen your stomach muscles, improve your posture and shed that unwanted “baby fat”. My exercise programme for new mums will help you rebuild your abdominal muscles, especially the pelvic floor muscles, and strengthen your lower back, so you can stay active and pain free.

If you have a power plate, I can train you using an acceleration training programme – 25 minutes on a power plate is a fantastic way to regain your figure in a short time, and the vibration really helps to stimulate and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. 

If not, I can provide a variety of programme with a range of exercises which are effective and fun. As you probably know other  mums in the same position as yourself and I can train you together and you can get better value in terms of costs for the session.

Sessions and costs

30 minute Sessions can be run at your house or in a nearby park if you don't have the room and can be timed to fit your busy routine. Individual sessions are £20 but a series of 10 costs, paid in advance only £150. A session for two people reduces to £120 each and for 3 or 4 people to £100 each for the 10 sessions.

And if you are in a mother and baby club, I am happy to come along to talk to them and to run group sessions, where rates can depend on the number of participants.

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